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GFOX Commercial Trading Solutions was established in 2019 with the aim of making easy the services of: imports, exports, trading, logistics and transportation.

From the beginning partnerships were formed between GFOX SOLUÇÕES in Angola and GFOX in the United Kingdom to provide trade routes between the countries and throughout the region.

Through our distribution partners our service covers Air, Land and Sea Freight where we have access to different ports worldwide. With our advanced information management and freight tracking capabilities, we pride ourselves to ensure all shipments are delivered safely and on time.

GFOX has diversified, growth and introduced new technologies, innovations and techniques, but the success over the years also reflects our total commitment to our clients, achieved by continued training and a dedicated team. GFOX tradition of excellence through training and re-training is the cornerstone of the businesses values.




Provide hassle-free and cost-effective import and export of products to clients worldwide with superior quality and create value.


To expand our business into new industries and related businesses, offering new vehicles for cumulative growth and advancement for our clients, company and stakeholders.

International Flags


Complex Problems, Innovative Solutions

GFOX has composed an experienced and dedicated team to provide our customers with the quality service that is the benchmark of our company. We provide a range of services which include sales and marketing, General Sales Agent (GSA) representation for cargo operation and logistics.

With our networking partnerships in North America, China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Nigeria, South Africa and Europe, we will offer your company creative and adaptable strategies in order to efficiently compete in the logistics marketplace.

GFOX is committed to offering it’s cargo clients real time follow up on cargo movements from acceptance of shipments to delivery at final destination.

GFOX accepts special assignments in the airlines sector covering:

A) Cost Savings

  • Catering

  • Ground Handling

  • Aircraft Maintenance and related supply chains

Our in depth knowledge in cost evaluation, strategic sourcing of materials and analysis of processes, GFOX will provide cost saving solutions on short and long term contract basis.

B) Representation

Additionally we will represent your company in any negotiations including government responsibilities, procurement and purchase deals, charter operations and all cargo import and export logistics.

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GFOX Solutions Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 11244655